What does a brand with thoughtful design look like for your business?


Chances are your here because you have a great product or service just waiting for the perfect brand design to launch it out into the World. Or maybe you already have a business that you love, but it may not be reaching its fullest potential when it comes to brand design and positioning. Either way, I’d love to help!

Working together we can really hone in on what makes your business special and utilise that passion for your business to captivate your dream audience.

I’ve always been an advocate for small businesses, flying the flag for independent makers and crafters (as, after all, I am one myself), and nothing gives me more joy than being able to be a part of your journey. To help you establish yourself as a key player in your field with your brand positioning and design.

So maybe you have your products or offerings ready and the final piece of the puzzle is your dream brand design to launch yourself into this exciting World of business. And if so, hooray! What an exciting time. It would be my pleasure to help you launch your brand, and below is just some of the services I offer. And as no two projects are the same if you require something different or extra special please don’t hesitate to ask, because it can (almost) certainly be done.





Naming | Positioning | Target Audience | Tone of Voice | Beliefs & Values

A brand design is more than just the visuals, its about capturing the spirit and essence of your product or service and bottling it up so your target audience can consume everything about your brand. If they were to pick up the phone to speak to you for the first time they would already have a good idea of the type of person they were about to talk to. If they had to choose you in a line up amongst all your competitors they would recognise you instantly. It’s all of these details which work in unison to project your brand as a whole, and its these details which we will work through together to create your brand guidelines.



Logos |Submarks | Fonts | Colour Palettes | Textures & Patterns | Imagery

Once we know how your product or service speaks, acts and what their values are we will work on the visuals to accompany this brand style. Everything from your logo to the fonts, colours and what type of photography style will work for you will be put together to complete the brand image to help tell the story of your business.



Stationery |Website | Social Media Design | Social Media Content | Marketing Materials

Creating a strong presence both online and offline is almost a given nowadays. We know we have to be present and show up daily on social media, we know our websites need to be full of useful information and killer imagery, but its going that one step further and having a full cohesive set of marketing materials and brand collateral that can really set you apart. Do you know what you will be posting on your business social accounts next week? Do you know when is the best time to launch new products on your website and what types of marketing materials to send to potential buyers? I would love to help you strategise your content and create you a set of brand collateral that really helps you communicate effectively to your target audience.




Let’s chat

Whether this is over the phone or over a coffee this consultation will allow us to get to know each other and establish the project aims.

The Brief

After our consultation I will immerse myself into your business and your sector. I will start to gather insight into your positioning and what makes your brand special. From here the project brief will be written which will outline the deliverables and aims for the project.


Hooray my favourite part! Upon your approval of the brief I will get stuck into your brand design and positioning and design your new branding. Proofs will be sent back and forth until you are 100% happy with your new brand design.


Hooray your favourite part! After sign off all files will be delivered to you along with your new brand guidelines document which will act as the basis and heart of your new brand. From here you can launch your brand into the World.


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