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Capture Factory Photography

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Logo Design
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Original logo



Capture Factory Photography are a multi-function studio specialising in fashion and lifestyle photography. Their brand design was in need of a refresh to co-exist with their new product offerings and to attract those high end clients. I wanted to keep the original concept of the shutter as this tied in perfectly with the new brand vision and it kept the previous connotations with the business.

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The ones that got away…

Some of the concepts that didn’t make it into fruition and are now members of the logo graveyard.

The Lens

Much like any other type of art form photography is much about the human eye as it is about the lens and the equipment that you are using. This concept blends together the visual of a camera lens and the human eye, as both work in harmony to capture a truly beautiful image.



There are strong connections to the shape of a camera lens and the form of the letter ‘C"‘, and as Capture Factory encapsulates all forms of Photography from portrait to products, connecting the C into the camera shape gives a very real representation
of their brand.

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