I have just designed this logo for Brighton based photography studio Capture Factory. I was very excited to put together some ideas for their new branding as their current design was quite out dated and needed a much more bold and simple approach.

As always I started gathering some research and reference materials to base my ideas around. After analysing their current logo design I felt it was important to create something that was scalable and fitted nicely into their side menu on their website - this meant a circle or square shape, as opposed to their current design which is quite long in width. When this logo is scaled down it is hard to see the detail of the design and this was something I wanted to avoid.

I began to see quite quickly that a circle shape was going to work well not only for the space but also as it illustrated the shutter and camera lense.

The first idea I had was to incorporate the letter C for Capture into the shutter shape. This seemed relatively simple to construct in my head, but once I started to put the elements together it was apparent it was going to take some thinking. The specific angle of the lines were paramount in being able to distinguish the shape of the C, and not make it look like an upper case G. What I loved about this idea was that it gave a small nod to the old logo with the shutter being present in the design.

As with all logo proofs I feel it is important to include a black version and a chosen brand colour as I have always felt that it is necessary for any logo design to be able to work purely in one colour. I also show examples of how the logo will work as a brand mark, and in this instance a watermark for their photography. This shows how versatile the design is.

The second idea was based around the image of an eye. I wanted to reflect both the camera lense and a human eye as a way of showing how these two things work together to create an image from a camera. I really liked the sense of mixing the man made element with the natural human eye. Having the thin tall text around the outside of the eye gave the illusion of eye lashes as a more subtle concept.

With the final idea I wanted to include the camera shape as a much more obvious concept. I saw an opportunity to play with the circle that made up the lense within the illustration to create the C. When placed together with all of the other elements this design worked well.

As with all designs colour choice is purely based on preference and is something that is usually decided once the initial concept has been chosen. In this instance the client chose design one but was after a more subtle blue colour.

 Once the colour was finalised it was then uploaded onto their website which you can see here

All photography images featured are copyright of Capture Factory Photography.

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