I recently designed a sweet little logo for Brighton Pups who are a full service dog walking and pet sitting service in Brighton. Ana was a great client to work with as her enthusiasm and passion for her business radiated into the designs.

Ana began to show me some logos and designs that she liked which is always a great starting point as it helps for me to understand the type of logo the client is looking for.

From the research that she bought to the meeting it became clear that she was after something relatively simple in terms of shapes, and her French Bulldog Betty was to be included in the design as her very own mascot (cute!) Ana was also looking for a logo that worked purely in black and white.

For the first proof I concentrated on the simple shape of the French Bulldog with variations in style and typeface.

As a rule of thumb I usually design 3 concepts for the first proof, but I couldn't help but include 4 in this proof as I simply couldn't decide which I liked the best. In this case this turned out for the better as the one which I was going to leave out turned out to be the one Ana liked the most! (Sometimes you can just never tell)

There were a few amendments that Ana wanted to make, which is a standard process that myself and the client go through to realise the final outcome.

Ana liked the third design best, but preferred the full French Bulldog face as opposed to the body shape. For this instance we were able to swap over the body for the face to create the new logo proof. Sometimes this is not possible as each design has been created and crafted as individuals, and swapping certain elements for others may not suit each other. But in this case it worked perfectly fine. My only issue was I felt the starburst elements from the first design didn't match.

For the third and final proof I simply removed the starburst elements and bought the dotted curved line further into the French Bulldog's face to fill in the space.

This is a text book process that I go through with clients in order to achieve their final logo design and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Ana! I'm looking forward to seeing the logo being used on various items as her business continues to grow in the future.

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