I have recently designed this website for Zappi Clothing who are an Italian heritage cycling company. 

The Zappi clothing range is for cyclists who look for high quality clothing with the fabrics and cuts being created from using the best available technology. With this the website had to reflect exactly that - high quality and the best technology.

zappi 2-01.jpg

I created a design that highlighted the lifestyle associated with cycling as opposed to selecting key pieces from their range to sell their products. This was drawn from their ethos of, "Our jerseys are not going to win races for you, but they will, we hope, install confidence, energy and heart into your riding." It is important for the Zappi brand to reflect the passion and hard work that is connected to cycling, and lifestyle photography was the best way to show this.

Inspiration was taken from Surfing brands and websites as these brands connect with their audiences through lifestyle imagery really well. Dedication to the sport and to the clothing is a main factor for Zappi.

Parallax scrolling allowed for the user to see key pieces from their range without distracting them from the photography and was a nice way to introduce them to the shop pages.

You can view the website here. Please note this is a CMS based website and some of the content and design has been changed by the client. The provided images show case the design. Development by Pixel by Pixel


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