I have been attending Codebar workshops every other Tuesday at various locations around Brighton. It is for anyone who is interested in learning and developing their web development and coding skills and particularly encourages females to come along and learn.

Each student is given a mentor and has a one on one tutorial for the whole session. The mentors are brilliant, very patient and understanding, and they are just as interested as being there as you are. I wasn't quite sure what to expect on my first lesson, my knowledge in web development is very little, but I knew I wanted to learn more to help and improve my web projects. My first lesson started at the basics of HTML, and by the end of the session I could put together my own web page (albeit a very simple one!) But it felt brilliant.

It's great to have so many females wanting to learn and establish themselves in a very male dominated industry, each session is completely free and is supplied with free pizza! No more selling points needed. 

vicky perryComment